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Helpful Links

The following websites provide outstanding support for beginner and experienced shepherds alike.  We encourage you to visit them.

Sheep 101
Sheep 201
MD Small Ruminant Page
URI Parasite Control Page

Helpful Podcasts

This podcast is a new effort by two of our fellow Katahdin producers.  If podcasts are your thing, there’s a lot of useful info here.


Helpful Downloads

The following are links to downloads of spreadsheets that we find useful for managing our flocks.  Some basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is helpful.

Adjusted Weaning Weights

Evaluating growth and performance of your lambs is an important step in improving the quality of your flock.  Weaning weights are a common means of comparing performance of young lambs.  Unfortunately, comparing the growth of a single lamb to that of a triplet lamb is a bit like comparing apples and oranges.  Fortunately, by mathematically correcting for birth type, rearing type, gender, and age of dam, animal scientists have developed some basic methods for allowing for those comparisons.

Katahdin-specific Adjusted Weights

Ration Evaluator

Feed costs are the largest expense for most sheep operations.  On top of that, requirements for our flocks depend on where we are in the production cycle (e.g., lactating vs. dry period).  This spreadsheet allows you to evaluate various combinations of several feed choices to select a combination that meets both your animal’s nutritional requirements and minimizes expenses.

Ration Evaluator 2013

Additional Downloads

More Spreadsheets