Sheep For Sale

It is our main goal to work with prospective buyers to identify animals that are appropriate for their farm objectives and within their budget.  In short, to open a conversation about raising sheep and how our stock can work for you.  We sell a variety of classes of animals with variable pricing depending on quality, although not all classes of animals are available year round.  We also welcome the opportunity to place animals (via sale or trade), especially rams, into other NSIP flocks to build genetic connections and improve the accuracy of our estimated breeding values (EBVs).

When selling breeding stock, we believe the carcass value of the animal should form the floor of the pricing.  We have marketed lambs by direct sale to the consumer for many years and know the value of a meat animal.  We also feel that a breeding animal is superior to a market animal, and therefore, pricing should reflect that improvement in quality.  We also are familiar with prices for high quality Katahdin breeding stock sold across the eastern U.S. and at regional and national sales.  We offer our animals at well below the price expected for similar quality Katahdins at auction.

Ewe Lambs – We offer ewe lambs for a range of management objectives and budgets.  Breeding quality ewe lambs are always in highest demand.  Pricing for ewe lambs starts at $400 each.  For our highest quality females, out of our top ewe lines and top proven sires, buyers should expect pricing approaching $800.  We prefer to collect as much performance data from them as possible before they leave either farm.  It helps us as breeders and helps the buyer to use those data in choosing.  Ewe lambs are typically available from Charmingfare and Waldoview by Mid July. However, let us know if you need them earlier.

Ram Lambs – We identify only a small portion of our ram lambs as breeding quality each year.  We base this on structural correctness, performance data (estimated breeding values), and importantly, parasite resistance.  These represent the highest quality young Katahdin sires anywhere in the northeast.  Our base price for ram lambs is $700.  We also offer a select few elite young rams with balanced performance data.  These are nationally ranked by NSIP in the top 2-5% for the Katahdin breed and interested buyers should expect pricing approaching $1,000.  Ram lambs are fully capable of breeding; we have used march-born ram lambs as sires with no problem. Ram lambs are available starting mid-July once all weights and parasite counts have been recorded. If you need a breeding ram before then, please let us know.

Adult Ewes –We strive to keep our flocks young with steady improvement. As such, we typically have a small number of healthy, experienced ewes available for sale each year.  These ewes typically range from 3 to 6 years old and possess a sound udder.  Pricing varies from $300 to $450 depending on quality, age and whether “exposed” to a ram or “open”.  These ewes are available after weaning in late spring.  However, these same females could be sold as “bred ewes” (exposed to ram for roughly 2 estrus cycles) and are available in late fall or early winter.

Adult Rams – We occasionally offer rams 1 year of age or older for sale.  We typically only use a ram for 1 to 3 years, so they have plenty of productive years left.  Prices are variable depending on age and quality.  Please contact us.

Reserve Lambs Early!

It is essential to place a down payment to reserve your breeding stock in advance. Many of our highest quality lambs are often spoken for by weaning. A 40% down payment is required based on pricing and the number of animals desired. Down payments should be considered non-refundable except in the event that either farm cannot fill the order as agreed to. We will work with buyers to fill orders, but if you are not certain that you want to buy, please don’t make a down payment. Let us know how we can work out a plan to place some stock in your operation this year.

Adult Rams

We have no adult rams for sale, but have retained a triplet ram (WVF 0-0906) from the 2020 lambcrop to grow out and sell as a yearling in 2021.  He is a compact ram with above average muscling and outstanding parasite resistance (WFEC -96, PFEC -100).  He was proven on a small group of [...]


Adult Ewes

We typically identify a few adult ewes for sale shortly after weaning each spring, and they are ready for their new homes by early summer. Demand is often strong and the supply is always limited, so please contact us as soon as possible if interested.


Ram Lambs

We will have an excellent selection breeding quality ram lambs available from both our conventional and grass-fed management programs.  For the 2021 lambcrop, we used our yearling, Norton USD030, as well as 3 newly acquired rams (TL1862, BAN059 and MOF2017.  All 3 rams are outstanding and both Norton and TL1862 were used in both [...]


Ewe Lambs

We will have breeding quality ewe lambs available from our conventional management program by mid summer and grass-fed ewe lambs by Late September/early October.  For the 2021 lambcrop, we used our yearling, Norton USD030, as well as 3 newly acquired rams (TL1862, BAN059 and MOF2017.  All 3 rams are outstanding and both Norton and [...]