Lambing Workshop

Among the rolling hills of Maine’s Midcoast Region, we welcome you to experience the first signs of spring at Waldoview Farm with our hands-on Lambing Workshop. This unique educational opportunity is designed for animal enthusiasts, aspiring shepherds, homesteaders, and anyone with a passion for learning about the miraculous process of lambing. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a working sheep farm at the peak of lambing season, all while gaining valuable, real-world skills in lamb care, from how and when to assist with births to ensuring the health and well-being of both ewes and their newborn lambs. Our expert instructors, with years of experience in sustainable farming, will guide you through the intricacies of lambing, offering insights into animal husbandry and the nurturing practices that make Waldoview Farm a nationally-recognized leader in sheep breeding and flock improvement. Don’t miss this unforgettable opportunity to connect with nature, learn from the best, and participate in the life-affirming cycle of birth and renewal at Maine’s premier Lambing Workshop.

At the lambing workshop, participants can expect a variety of subjects that cover both theoretical topics and practical skills related to lambing and sheep husbandry. Here’s a list of topics that will be covered:

  1. Breeding Strategies and Genetics: Insights into breeding programs, genetic considerations, and improving flock quality. Learn to use a marking harness to monitor matings and better anticipate birthing dates.
  2. Understanding the Lambing Process: An overview of the stages of lambing, signs of labor, and the biology behind the process.
  3. Preparation for Lambing: Setting up lambing facilities, necessary equipment, and creating a nurturing environment for ewes and lambs. Participants will leave with a knowledge of what to have on hand in their “lambing kit” to ensure a successful season.
  4. Ewe Health and Nutrition: Managing the nutrition and health of ewes from prebreeding through gestation, lactation, and weaning to ensure a healthy lamb crop.
  5. Lambing Techniques: Training to recognize when labor is progressing normally and knowing when ewes may need assistance.
  6. Recognizing and Managing Birth Complications: Learn how to identify various complications during the birthing process such as dystocia (difficult birth) and malpresentations. Learn how to address common complications to ensure the wellbeing of the mother and her lambs.
  7. Care of Newborn Lambs: Immediate post-birth care including clearing airway, feeding (colostrum management), and techniques to ensure that each lamb bonds with its mother. Learn how to milk (“strip”) a ewe and how to use a feeding tube with confidence.
  8. Identifying and Treating Health Issues in Lambs: Recognizing and addressing common health problems in newborn lambs.
  9. Vaccinations and Preventative Health Measures: Information on routine vaccinations and health practices to prevent disease in your flock.
  10. Record Keeping and Data Management: Keeping track of breeding information, lambing records, growth and health data. Learn about the importance of tagging, numerical conventions, and how to properly attach ear tags to ensure long-term retention.
  11. Handling and Husbandry Skills: Techniques for safely and effectively handling ewes and lambs from birth through weaning.
  12. Post-Lambing Management: Care of ewes and lambs in the weeks following birth, including nutrition, creep feeding, and health monitoring.


Saturday, Feb 17th , 2024
9 AM to 3:30 PM


Waldoview Farm
238 Goshen Rd
Winterport, Maine 04496

Contact Information

Tom Hodgman
Phone: (207) 852-2764


$150 per person (Additional persons from same farm $100 each)
Hot drinks and lunch included.

Our Instructors

Tom Hodgman

With nearly 2 decades of shepherding, Tom is well qualified to discuss the details that lead to a successful lambing season. Tom earned a M.S. in Range Management at Washington State University where he focused on small ruminant (deer) nutrition. For many years he was an Instructor at the University of Maine in the College of Forest Resources. After a career in Wildlife Ecology, he and his family successfully built Waldoview Farm which has become a premier producer of Katahdin sheep seedstock which markets production-oriented ewe lambs and stud ram prospects across the Northeast and into the Southeast and Midwest annually. Tom was a founding member of the Eastern Alliance for Production Katahdins serving as Vice President on its Board of Directors for 3 years. He is currently serving his second term on the Board of the National Sheep Improvement Program where he is the Katahdin Breed Representative. Tom has been a frequent speaker at Maine’s Common Ground Country Fair, where he led demonstrations on basic shepherding, breeding for worm resistance, and strategies for a successful lambing season.

Abby Slater

An Ohio native, Abby raised club lambs in 4-H as a young girl and moved to Maine to attend the University of Maine in 2018. She graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science in 2023. During college, she was active in the UMaine Icelandics Sheep Club, serving as an officer in 2020/2021. She spent a semester in Wisconsin working with a Rambouillet flock gaining valuable skills in a different operation with a different breed. Also, while in Wisconsin, she had the opportunity to visit a variety of sheep operations. Abby has assisted with lambing season at Waldoview Farm for the past 4 seasons and knows the operation well. After graduating college, she began working full time for Waldoview Farm and has assisted with all aspects of lamb production, especially the summer grazing program.

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