Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Please, don’t let the location of our farms effect your interest in our stock. Although we are located in New England, our animals have been placed successfully across the Southeast and Midwest for several years. If you’re interested, it’s possible to arrange trucking to points south and west depending on timing. Additional charges may apply depending on number of animals purchased and distance traveled. Sourcing sheep from both farms for a single purchase is also possible, but requires additional coordination and lead time. Please contact us with your transportation needs and let us work to find you a solution.

Northeast – We typically travel throughout New England several times each year. We also trailer as far south as Pennsylvania a few times each year. Let us know if you’d like to have some animals on board during one of these trips.

Midwest and Southeast – We frequently attend the KHSI National Katahdin Sale (if within reasonable driving distance, location changes annually) and the NSIP Sheep Sale (recently in Wooster, Ohio). Both sales are held typically in late July through early August. This is a great opportunity to purchase our animals via private treaty and avoid much of the time and expense of pick up.

Online Sales – In 2020, we participated in 2 national online sales.  To facilitate the transfer of sheep to their new buyers, we provided transport via a loop through the Northeast and Midwest.  For further delivery, we coordinated with other farms doing a similar loop, placing our lambs as far as Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

International Sales – We have successfully exported rams to Canada in the past, but are not approved to export ewes across the international border at this time. Exporting sheep requires significant advanced planning, so let us know how we can help.