We will have an excellent selection breeding quality ram lambs available from both our conventional and grass-fed management programs.  For the 2021 lambcrop, we used our yearling, Norton USD030, as well as 3 newly acquired rams (TL1862, BAN059 and MOF2017.  All 3 rams are outstanding and both Norton and TL1862 were used in both flocks.  We acquired BAN059 and MOF2017 primarily for siring grass-fed lambs and were heavily used on this group for 2021. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about which sires were mated with which dams. We are happy to share adjusted weaning weights and current EBVs as soon as they are available, just let us know. Lambs start on pasture in mid May and we typically have parasite resistance data by mid summer.  Demand is strong especially for rams with high parasite resistance, so please contact us if you might be interested or to arrange delivery on one of our trips throughout the northeast and into the Midwest.