RFK 2007098 “Mia”


Arguably the hardest working ewe to date at Waldoview Farm, Mia was often referred to as “the little ewe that could” in reference to the children’s story about the train engine that climbed the mountain. We purchased her from Altavista Farm in West Virginia in the summer of 2007.  In her prime, she weighed no more than 140 lbs, possessed a shorter-body, but with incredible depth and capacity for a small ewe.  She was prolific, with solid parasite resistance and was an absolute drill sergeant as a mother.  Of 22 lambs born, she never lost one, and we can’t recall ever pulling a lamb.  The most remarkable thing about her lambs was their uniformity of size and growth, especially her triplets.  Typically, all 3 would weigh within 1 lb of each other at birth, within 3 lbs at weaning, and 6 lbs at 4 months.  We had such faith in her that we retained all but a couple of her ewe lambs.  As you can see from the images, even her daughters possess the depth and capacity that’s so desirable in efficient, pasture-raised Katahdins.  We can’t say enough about how this ewe epitomizes the modern, functional Katahdin ewe.

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