WVF 8-671 “Seymour”

Seymour is the most balanced ram ever bred by Waldoview Farm.  His outstanding dam is one of our top ewes from our strongest maternal line and his sire, balanced himself, is an exceptionally parasite resistant and well-built ram.  His growth was a standout among his peers throughout his first season on pasture.  According to the 2019 percentile rankings of NSIP, Seymour is in the top 10% for the breed in prolificacy, and top 5% for lamb survival to weaning, and for maternal milk.  We believe his daughters (and sons) will work well in both conventional and grass-fed flocks.

Sire Summary

  • Registered: 100%
  • Twin
  • Codon 171: QR
  • Lambcrops: 2019 & 2020
  • Progeny: 41 at Waldoview
  • Favorite daughters:
    • WVF 9-781 – Latest EBVs – 6400052019WVF781
    • WVF 9-871 – Latest EBVs – 6400052019WVF871
  • Favorite son:
    • WVF 9-761 – Click here for image; Latest EBVs – 6400052019WVF761
    • WVF 9-782 – Latest EBVs – 6400052019WVF782


Estimated Breeding Values