WVF 8-670 “Holly”


WVF 8-670 “Holly” Summary Registered: 100% Management: Conventional Birth Type: Twin Codon 171: QR Lambcrops: 2017-2018 Reproductive History: (birth type/rearing type) 1/1, 2/2 Favorite daughter: WVF 9-806 - Latest EBVs – 6400052019WVF806 Pedigree WVF 8-670 Pedigree Estimated Breeding Values 6400052018WVF670

WVF 6-455


WVF 6-455 This ewe traces her pedigree through two of the top flocks in Katahdin NSIP.  Her dam was purchased from Carl Ginapp of CMG Katahdins back in 2009 and her sire was purchased from Kathy Bielek of Misty Oaks Farm in 2012.  455 is an outstanding mother with strong milk [...]

WVF 6-446 “Charlene”


WVF 6-446 “Charlene” A well-balanced young ewe, Charlene has tremendous promise.  Already, her lambs appear outstanding with especially strong performance data.  Offering outstanding growth and milk, together with a long, thick body type, we anticipate a long successful career ahead. Dam Summary Registered: 100% Management: Conventional Birth Type: Single Codon [...]

WVF 6-465


WVF 6-465 A triplet daughter of MOF1228 that carries his excellent parasite resistance and strong maternal skills.  We were especially impressed by her first lambs in 2018, performing well on pasture and among the most parasite resistant of the 2018 lambcrop.  Mated to high quality rams in the future, we believe [...]

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