3AP 011 “Haven”


3AP 011 “Haven” A few years ago, while looking at a group of ewe lambs at Foggy Meadow Farm on North Haven Island, Maine, we spotted a chunky ewe lamb and commented that the owner should “keep an eye on that one”.  Our comments were followed with a quip from the owner [...]

RFK 2007098 “Mia”


RFK 2007098 “Mia” Arguably the hardest working ewe to date at Waldoview Farm, Mia was often referred to as “the little ewe that could” in reference to the children’s story about the train engine that climbed the mountain. We purchased her from Altavista Farm in West Virginia in the summer of 2007.  [...]

WVF 2-189 “Swirl”


WVF 2-189 “Swirl” Several daughters of the ram BUL 9414, acquired in 2009, are heavy built, with great capacity, but none more than Swirl.  Performance on grass is what this ewe is all about.  Not a prolific ewe, rearing twins annually since 2014, she brings solid parasite resistance and growth to each [...]

WVF 3-206 “Beauty”


WVF 3-206 “Beauty” This ewe comes from one of the original lines we obtained from the Northeast Katahdin Hair Sheep Project (NEK).  Beauty is the 3rd generation removed from an original NEK ewe.  She was arguably the best daughter that we retained from her sire, MOF1228.  She is prolific, long and tall, [...]

WVF 1013 “Kia”


WVF 1013 “Kia” At just over 200 lbs, Kia was one of the largest ewes we’ve ever bred.  She really didn’t hit her productive stride until age 6 when she began a succession of triplet births.  Her triplets were especially large, about 11 lbs on average, and importantly, they were uniform [...]

CFI 101 “Sondra”


CFI 101 “Sondra” A dynamite commercial ewe, Sondra is a moderate-sized, correct ewe with excellent maternal skills.  Her outstanding parasite resistance places her among the top of the breed.  She is a classic easy-keeper and we expect years of outstanding performance from her. Dam Summary Commercial: Recorded at 50% Management: [...]

WVF 4-279 “Mabel”


WVF 4-279 “Mabel” Easily the best ewe in this easy keeping line, Mabel traces 5 generations of lineage (and improvement) back to a foundation ewe (NEK 3130) from the Northeast Katahdin Hair Sheep Project.  Mabel, as well as her dam, perform especially well on pasture, fleshing out easily after lactation and [...]

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